All gold plated Halogen Heat Lamp(Fast medium wave)

The revolutionary OYATE Gold lamps are based on OYATE leading technology to meet the specific demands of zone heating and other applications that require low glare. These tubular halogen lamps offer numerous important benefits. Their instant response means heat is delivering fast, so people feel warm in seconds.These lamps heat people, not the air, and are controlled at the flick of a switch. OYATE gold heat lamps have all the flexibility, economy and energyefficiency of a modern heating system. There are no emissions, no flammable contents and no fuel storage problems. They do not disturb or deposit dust, helping to keep a clean environment.

  • Wavelength coverage: Fast medium wave(1.6~1.8um)
  • Color temperature: 1800~2200k
  • Application case: heater

Product parameters

We can customize the heating lamp according to your request

 Voltage wattage Length(mm)
 Min 12V 50W 118mm
 Max 480V3000W530mm
 Quartz glass Tube diameter 10mm,12mm

Overview of Lamp Applications

ApplicationLamp Solution
Plastic forming
Clear/White reflector heating 
Bottle blowingClear/White reflector heating 
Painting dryingClear/White reflector heating/Gold heating
Paper printingHigh power twin tube
Shoe made dryingGold heating
Food catering/processingJacket/Clear or special shape heating 
SemiconductorHigh power twin tube
Wet conditionWaterproof gold heating